ISTM Member Benefit Programs

The ISTM Professional Education Committee is pleased to announce a new ISTM Member Benefit Webinar Program recently approved by the ISTM Executive Board. The ISTM is producing webinars throughout the year that will be provided at no cost to ISTM Members who register. If you miss the live
presentation, you will be able to access the program from this page of the website shortly after it was presented. See our list of available programs below. Watch the ISTM website for information about new webinars as they are scheduled so you can participate “real-time” in the future!

Recorded 7 October 2020
The Future of Travel Medicine: Making Telehealth Work for your Practice
Javeed Siddiqui moderates Speakers Jessica Abraham, Brian Aw, Richard Dang and Darvin Scott Smith. The COVID-19 pandemic is turning out to be a protracted battle, but at the same time has been an opportunity for health care practitioners to adopt telehealth services more rapidly than previously projected. In this symposium, you will get practical tips from experts with first-hand experience using telehealth on how to choose the software best adapted for your practice. Objectives include pros and cons of different telehealth platforms, using telehealth optimally to compliment in-person consultations and discuss billing and liability considerations.

Recorded 24 June 2020
The Impact of the Pandemic on Immigrant and Migrant Workers' Communities
Patricia F. Walker moderates Speakers Marcus Brauer (South Africa), Christina Coyle (United States of America) and Carlos Seas (Peru). This digital symposium continues on the focus of disproportionate health and economic burdens on vulnerable immigrant and migrant work communities, and the realities of different countries - in particular Peru, United States of America and South Africa. Objectives include COVID-19 burden in these immigrant and migrant communities, discuss various clinical presentations/complications of COVID-19 in these populations, highlight the socio-economic impact of the pandemic and lockdown measures and propose strategies to reduce health inequalities in the communities.

Recorded 6 May 2020
Unprecedented Impact and Challenges to the Health of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum-Seekers
Christina Greenaway (Canada) moderates Speakers Apostolos Veizis, Director of Medical Operational Support Unit of MSF Medicins Sans Frontieres (Greece) and Paul Douglas, Global COVID-19 Health Coordinator for the Migration Health division of IOM International Organization for Migration (Switzerland). This webinar addresses the propagation of SARS-CoV-2 and how the impact of restrictive measures disproportionally affect the most vulnerable individuals, contributing to a rise in inequality. Also discussed are factors which make these populations extremely vulnerable to virus transmission and complication. Listen as two experts in the field of migrants and humanitarian emergencies discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on migrant health, challenges faced, efforts made and challenges to come. Objectives of this webinar include thorough review of issues that have arisen for refugees and asylum-seekers, understanding of the size and scope of COVID-19's impact on global migrants (living in camps and working abroad), and recognition of the ways in which MSF and IOM have addressed these specific issues and what more can be done for a positive impact on the health of migrants.

Recorded 1 April 2020
Focus on Europe, the New Epicenter
David O. Freedman (United States of America) moderates Speakers Francesco Castelli (Italy) and Special Guest Commentators from the United Kingdom Nicholas Beeching and Michael Beadsworth. This digital symposium focuses on the experience of managing the outbreak in European countries, discussing and learning from frontline experts fighting COVID-19 in real time.  Webinar objectives include: strategies to build a psychological resilience in facing the pandemic, review the latest epidemiological situation from Europe (particularly Italy and the UK), and identify key do's and don'ts in managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recorded 11 March
Special 90-minute ISTM Digital Symposium: COVID-19

David O. Freedman moderates Speakers Jasper Chan and Poh Lian Lim. Jasper Chan has 15 years experience working in the field of Travel Medicine in Hong Kong and is the Hong Kong Site Director for GeoSentinel (a joint project of the US CDC and ISTM). His research interests include: emerging viral infections with pandemic potential and emerging infectious diseases with special relevance to Hong Kong and China. Poh Lian Lim moved from a successful private practice in Seattle, Washington, USA to Singapore in 2003. She has a strong interest in travel and tropical medicine, emerging infection outbreaks, care of HIV patients and general infectious diseases. For her work during the SARS outbreak, she was honoured with the National Day Commendation Medal and Courage Star awards. This symposium is a great opportunity to hear from experts with hands-on experience about the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Recorded 12 February 2020
Travel Insurance and MedEvac: You see only what you look for...

Tullia Marcolongo moderates Presenter Albie de Frey with Travel Doctor Johannesburg from Johannesburg, South Africa. Albie started his travel medicine career as the medical director of an air ambulance company based in Africa where he quickly identified shortcomings and pitfalls for the unwary traveller, especially in respect to medical evacuations and travel insurance. This webinar will provide a concise overview of important factors to consider when choosing travel insurance and a realistic overview of the pitfalls of medical evacuations in practice.

Recorded 6 November 2019

The Mental Health First Aid Kit: Integrating the Psychological Health of Travellers in your Busy Practice  

Peter Felkai moderates Industrial Psychologist Marius van Aswegen from Xpatweb in Johannesburg, South Africa, and infectious Disease specialist Sarah Borwein with TravelSafe Medical Centre in Hong Kong, PRC. This webinar is designed to provide practical applications addressing the psychological health of travellers for both the pre-travel clinician and the in-country general practitioner who is presented with an acute psychiatric emergency.

Recorded 8 June 2019

Malaria Transmission: When Little is Enough

This program was produced by the ISTM and is the Alan Magill Memorial Lecture

Dr. Patrick Hickey, MD, FAAP, United States of America

Prof. Christopher Drakeley, PhD, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom

Recorded 28 August 2019 
Dying to Travel; Travelling to Die

Andrea Rossanese moderates as speaker Salim Parker, Travel Medicine Practitioner from University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, gives us a compelling discussion exploring the pre-travel consultation of a 69-year-old Cape Town man with metastatic pancreatic cancer and a six-month projected survival time. The webinar is designed to assist family medicine practitioners, infectious disease specialists, public health professionals, and nurses and any others who care for older travellers who travel internationally. It will identify older end of life travellers as a challenging but ultimately rewarding group, specific Hajj communicable and non-communicable considerations, specific vaccination considerations as well as potential air transport complications.

Recorded 6 June 2019 

Setting the Stage: Epidemiology of infectious diseases among older travellers

This program was independently produced by the ISTM and supported by an Independent Education Grant from GSK. 

Chair and Moderator:
Prof. Robert Steffen
, MD, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Andrea Rossanese, MD, PhD Negrar, Verona, Italy 
Prof. Joe Torresi, MD, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 
Prof. Leo G. Visser
, MD, PhD, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands

Recorded 7 June 2019 
Vector Borne Diseases in Travellers: Focus on Japanese Encephalitis

This program was produced by the ISTM and supported by an Independent Education Grant.


Prof. Robert Steffen, MD, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. Elizabeth Barnett, MD, Boston Medical Center, United States of America 
Prof. Davidson Hamer, MD, Boston University School of Public Health, United States of America 
Prof. Annelies Wilder-Smith, MD, PhD, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom 

Posted 21 February 2019

It's the singer, not the song: How to give an effective presentation

Speaker: Dr. Jay S. Keystone gives a humorous and lively talk, outlining the elements of a successful lecture. This talk focuses primarily on the practical aspects that make a presentation so effective. He covers important lecture principles, key lecture elements and best practises. Jay S. Keystone is a renowned lecturer in the fields of travel and tropical medicine and has spoken on several different continents.

Recorded 17 May 2017

Preventing Malaria in Pediatric Travellers

Speaker: Dr. Karl Neumann moderates while Associate Professor Mike Starr, from Children's Hospital Melbourne, gives us a lively update on our current understanding of preventing malaria in paediatric travellers. The webinar is designed to assist clinicians who care for paediatric travellers to provide timely and accurate advice to their patients. It will cover the ABCs of malaria including assessment of risk, bite prevention and chemoprophylaxis. 

  • Handouts:  Preventing Malaria in Pediatric Travellers  Preventing Insect Bites

Recorded 17 May 2017
Inaugural Alan Magill Memorial Lecture: Shrinking the Malaria Map:The Long Journey to Eradication, 1900-2040

Speaker: Sir Richard Feachem, Director of the Global Health Group at UCSF Global Health Sciences; Professor of Global Health at both the University of California, San Francisco, and the University of California, Berkeley; former Executive Director of Global Health Sciences; Visiting Professor at London University, and; Honorary Professor at the University of Queensland.

Recorded 15 May 2017
Neglected Topics in Vaccine Preventable Diseases for Travellers

This program is independently produced by the International Society of Travel Medicine, and has been made possible through an Independent Medical Education Grant from GSK.

What Can be Done to Prevent the Spread of Measles and Mumps by Travellers?
(Prof. Joseph Torresi, The University of Melbourne, Australia)

Tick-Borne Encephalitis:  What Evidence is there on the Risk and on Preventative Options?
(Dr. Martin Haditsch, Medical Dir. TravelMedCenter, Austria & Germany)

Rabies Single Dose PreP for Travellers - What is the Evidence for a New Strategy?
(Prof. Leo Visser, Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands)

Recorded 18 April 2017

Fever in the Returning Traveler: Towards a Rational Work-up and Response

(Moderator: Dr Dr. Susan L. F. McLellan, Associate Professor of Medicine, Tulane University School of Medicine; and Clinical Associate Professor of Tropical Medicine, Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine; Director, Tulane Travel Clinic; New Orleans, LA United States of America)

Recorded 8 February 2017

What Do Clinicians Need to Know About Chikungunya?
(Moderator: Dr David Hamer, Boston University, School of Public Health, USA, Prof Dr Fabrice Simon, Laveran Military Teaching Hospital, Marseille, France)

     -  Handouts: (ChikungunyaHandout.pdf)

Recorded 9 November 2016

Travellers' Diarrhoea 
Travellers' Diarrhoea in the Microbiome Era

(Dr. Hans Nothdruft, University of Munich, Germany, Dr. Bradley A. Connor, Weill Cornell Medical College, The New York Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine, New York, USA)

Recorded 29 September 2016
Immunizations for Particular Travellers

This program is independently produced by the International Society of Travel Medicine, and has been made possible through an Independent Medical Education Grant from GSK.

Introduction and Pre-Test
(Chair and Moderator: Dr. Robert Steffen, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute, WHO Collaborating Centre for Travelers’ Health, University of Zurich Travel Health Centre, Zurich, Switzerland)

Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines: The South African Experience
(Prof. Cheryl Cohen, Centre for Respiratory Disease and Meningitis, National Institute for Communicable Diseases, Johannesburg, South Africa

Understanding and Implementing Hepatitis B Vaccination for Patients with Diabetes, Chronic Liver Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease
(Dr. Gerard Flaherty, School of Medicine, National University of Ireland, Galway)

The Medical Burden of Varicella Disease and the Impact Benefit of Vaccinating Against Varicella
(Prof. Leo Visser, Department of Infectious Diseases, Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands)

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Recorded July of 2016

ISTM Zika Webinar
Part 1: Epidemiology, Transmission
Part 2: Clinical, Travel Advice, Prevention

(Dipti Patel, United Kingdom, Annelies Wilder-Smith, Singapore, Mary E. Wilson, United States of America)

Click here to view

Recorded 4 March 2016
Critical Vaccine Issues for Travel Health Practitioners in the Asia-Pacific Region

This program is independently produced by the International Society of Travel Medicine, and has been made possible through an Independent Medical Education Grant from GSK.

Introduction and Pre-Test
(Chair and Moderator: Jenny Visser, New Zealand)

Hepatitis Vaccines: Indications in an Era of Universal Vaccination
(Daniel Shouval, Liver Unit, Hadassah-Hebrew University Hospital Jerusalem, Israel)

VFRs and Travel Vaccines
(Professor Karin Leder, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Monash University Victoria, Australia)

Essentials of pre-travel immunizations The 5 "C"s: Cumulative exposure, Combinations, Compliance, Comfort, Cost
(Robert Steffen, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute, WHO Collaborating Centre for Travelers’ Health, University of Zurich Travel Health Centre, Zurich, Switzerland)

Recorded 19 November 2014

Is Your Traveller Going to High Altitude?

(Presented by:  Dr. Peter Hackett, Executive Director of the Institute for High Altitude Medicine in Telluride, Colorado, United States.  Moderator: Dr. David Shlim.)

Recorded 30 May 2014

Preparing Your Patients for Mass Gatherings:  EURO 2012 and the London Olympics

(Moderator: Dr. Robert Steffen, Switzerland; Speaker:  Dr. Katherine Smallwood, Technical Officer, Health and Security Interface, Global Alert and Response, World Health Organization [WHO] Headquarters.)

Recorded May of 2011

Robert Steffen on the History of ISTM
Introduction by Alan Magill, ISTM President 2009-2011

Click here to view.